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Need a facelift? Call Kuni

Need a facelift? Call Kuni

Ian Watt video blogs about top designer Kuni from Kuni Design Studio Inc (http://www.kunidesign.com/) who dominates the real estate web and print design world. Portfolio available upon request but have a look at these samples http://www.ianwatt.ca/ http://www.kitscondos.ca/ and http://www.reachd.com/

Ian Watt: Hi it's Ian Watt here its' May 7, 2008 and on my way over the Granville Bridge again my favorite filming spot. I just got to perform with Kuni. Kuni is the guy who designs everybody's website that has a unique website. He is fantastic no matter what business your in I recommend contacting Kuni. I think it's kunidesign.ca. It's a great guy, reasonable prices the only problem with him he's got so many clients an line waiting for him. Its hard to get through the him and get your work done if o never work with him before. So I recommend calling him and the great thing about him he works off the css system that Ubertor has. So if you have Ubertor website you can see on my website it's a regular Ubertor website. But he re-design it he configure it and it looks spectacular as well as maybe reachd.com as well he changed those and that one kind of interesting cause it's a little bit wider than your website, But if you want any web work or whatever I recommend Kuni he's fantastic and he's very reasonable in his prices as well. If you have any question for me. You can always email me at ianwatt@ianwatt.caThank you very much and have a great day!