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ReachD video blog competition

Blog by Ian Watt | May 27th, 2008

At our inaugural Video Training Workshop we had a very special guest in attendance.  Gillian Shaw from the Vancouver Sun was there to learn about the use of online video in the business world and to write an article about Reachd and online video.  At that workshop, all the participants received a FREE Flip Ultra Video Camera and we told that we were running a contest.  All of the students were asked to submit a video using their new camera and Gillian Shaw would pick one 4 days later that she felt was the best.  We recieved 3 submissions.  I emailed Gillian with the submission so that she could judge them.  Not only did she like them all, but she took some time to write a little feedback on each one.  The winner as agreed by us is that all submissions should win.  So, Ian Watt, Sylvain Cyr and Mike Giesbrech will all receive a free seat into any of our other upcoming 3 hour series workshops.  Congratulations!!

Here is the Vancouver Sun's Gillian Shaw's feedback on each of their video submissions:

RE: Mike Giesbrech Video Submission (watch submission)
"Condo living in North Vancouver was enough to make me want to rush over and put in an offer on one of those places at Cedarbrooke village. Or it would have been when my kids were younger and amenities like nearby schools and ballet classes and a pool outside the door were real selling points.

It’s a perfect use of videos – to really give people a feel for the neighborhood and not from some slick ad presentation but the real life stories of the people who live there.  Loved their anecdotes, it was just as if I had knocked on the door and been invited into the living room to hear what it is like to live there – they really conveyed the community feel of their neighborhood.

Missed the closing – by the end of the video I had to go back to the beginning for a reminder about who the realtor was and what place they were talking about. A great beginning for Mike’s start to adding video to his work and one that will bring viewers back to see what else he’ll come up with." - Gillian Shaw, Vancouver Sun

RE: Sylvain Cyr Video Submission (watch submission)
"Doghouse TV caught my attention right away because I love dogs and love meeting people when we’re out walking with Skye, our rescue German Shepherd. I felt like watching Sylvain’s video was kind of like running into one of our neighbors on a walk.

I really liked the way Sylvain managed to tell a story about living in Yaletown, adding a lot of useful info by just making it part of the entertainment – from the off-leash park to dragon boats on the creek to the weather.  If I was from outside the area and wanted to know if Yaletown condo living was a possibility for me, that stroll with Sylvain and his dog Forty would be a real help.

The print edited in was great because it gave viewers a chance to jot down info. Sylvain was brave to head out with camera in hand and do this without the benefits of a tripod or other help on his second trial and as with the other entrants, I really appreciated the enthusiasm and willingness to just get out there and try the technology. Great sign off from Forty. Remember to give us your sign off Sylvain!" - Gillian Shaw, Vancouver Sun

RE: Ian Watt Video Submission (watch submission)
"Ian Watt is a great early adopter, using video on his blog and always offering up new content. I’m sure he does get a lot of questions about his multi-tasking so a good topic to deal with in his blog and a bit of humour with his camera man.  Ian conveys a lot of his personality across the screen and as he says that can help perspective clients and people he deals with in his business learn about him before they pick up the phone or meet him.

The fact he gets email feedback indicates he has an audience and he doesn’t worry about putting out his opinions – advice I remember from that workshop about avoiding being too bland and boring. Ian is quick to recognize the value of using his video camera as just an everyday tool – as I can attest from when I was interviewing him and he turned the camera on me.  Wait a sec – we’re the ones used to asking the questions! I got him to turn it off which was really unfair since we point cameras all the time at The Vancouver Sun and sometimes we put video interview excerpts online which can be an important part of telling the story. Kudos to Ian for catching on so quickly." - Gillian Shaw, Vancouver Sun