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As a Vancouver Realtor Ian Watt has some expectations of you as well

Blog by Ian Watt | February 9th, 2009

Vancouver Condo Real Estate Video Blog #241 - February 9, 2009

As a Vancouver Realtor Ian Watt has some expectations of you as well

Ian Watt video blogs about his expectations of his clients when listing their Vancouver condo for sale. If you want to voice your opinion or if you don't care for Ian's comments please email your feedback to ianwatt@ianwatt.ca and visit http://www.ianwatt.ca/RealEstateVideos for all the Ian Watt Real estate Video Blogs.


As a Vancouver Realtor Ian Watt has some expectations of you as well from Ian Watt Vancouver Condo on Vimeo.

Ian Watt: Hi good afternoon! It’s Ian Watt in Downtown Vancouver. I know what you are thinking Ian Watt has a blue shirt well the other 12 our black ones is at the dryer cleaners. I want to talk you about the expectations I have of you as my client. Obviously you have expectations of me to work very hard and sell your place and be available all the time as much as possible. But I want you to know what I expect of you. I expect first of all you tell me everything about your place make sure that I know there's some deficiency because if somethings happen to you 2 years ago and you didn't tell me. It's gonna bite us both in the probably four years from now. When the new purchasers find out so you gonna be honest with me about everything. Second of all I want you to keep your place spotless cause you never know if your at work and then an hour from now we had a showing at your place and if it looks like a dump it never gonna sell. Now lastly I want you to work as hard as I do. When we have an offer the momentum is really important especially in the buyers market. We have to be catering to those people and deal with the offers as timely as possible before it cools off. Now I don't want you to go in bed at 9:30 knowing that offers coming in at 9:30. I expect you to stay up as long as I do especially till midnight or 1 in the morning. Do whatever it takes to get it done. And I'm sorry if you're tired and you'd rather deal with it in the morning or the next day. If it expires 9 in the morning, the next morning were screwed. They have a lot of options right now. So I expect you to stay awake. Expect you to work as hard as I do and expect you to be honest as possible. So I know every detail about this whole operation. My name is Ian Watt if you want to work with me I expect you to know my expectations. And you can always email me at  ianwatt@ianwatt.ca. Thank you very much and have a great day!