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Proposed Change to the Strata Property Act to Include Parking & Storage

Blog by Ian Watt | October 13th, 2009

Vancouver Condo Real Estate Video Blog #422 - October 13, 2009

Proposed Change to the Strata Property Act to Include Parking & Storage

Ian Watt Video blogs about a proposed amenment to the strata property act to include parking & storage which will require the strata property management company and manager responsible for including the parking stall and storage locker number on the Form B information certificate. If you want to voice your opinion or if you don't care for Ian's comments please email your feedback to ianwatt@ianwatt.ca and visit http://www.ianwatt.ca/RealEstateVideos for all the Ian Watt Real Estate Video Blogs.

Ian Watt: Hi God Afternoon. It's Ian Watt in Downtown Vancouver. A proposed amendment to the Strata Property Act. Coming soon and hopefully we'll get approve is that the Form B the information certificate that comes from the property management company that manages a certain strata. That also includes if there's any litigation going on. If it has of course the maintenance fees any other outstanding issues. That's what on the Form B. What their going to propose is that they're going to put a parking stall and a storage lockers associated with that particular unit on the Form B. Which I think is very important because they've been so many times were strata property manager will verbally tell you but it won't put it in an email or she won't put it in an email or in writing because they don't wanna be held responsible for misquoting the wrong parking stall. But if this new amendment goes through the responsibility will fall upon the Strata Property Management Company which is going to be fantastic for all the realtors, all the purchases, and all the sellers out there. I hope it goes through. If you have any questions regarding this amendments. My name is Ian Watt. You can always email me at ianwatt@ianwatt.ca. Thank you very much and have a great day!