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Natural Gas Barbecues for your Condo

Blog by Ian Watt | February 18th, 2008

Natural Gas Barbecues

With a natural gas barbecue you'll never run out of fuel or lift a propane tank. Fast, easy-to-use and energy-efficient, a natural gas barbecue taps directly into your home gas supply, with a quick-connect attachment and flexible hose. And once there, it's always ready for cooking.

Everyone enjoys entertaining in the backyard or on the patio throughout the summer. But why stop there? You can simplify your outdoor cooking and grill year-round with the convenience of a natural gas barbecue.

Natural gas is reliable and always there when you need it. Natural gas barbecues are dependable, economical, and come in a wide variety of styles and models. Grills warm up instantly and there's no messy charcoal to worry about. And the latest barbecue designs feature multiple tube burners allowing you to control heat zones across your grill for different cooking temperatures.


How to get hooked up to Natural Gas

Unlike propane, natural gas barbecues have no tanks to transport or refill. They use a quick-connect flexible hose (usually three to four metres long) which extends from your barbecue to a hook-up that taps into your home's natural gas supply. The quick-connect makes it easy for you to attach, disconnect and move the barbecue. Plus they're safe: if the barbecue is unplugged, a built-in device automatically shuts off the gas.

Many newer homes with natural gas already have quick connect outlets in place. If your home doesn't, installation is simple. A registered gas contractor can easily extend your home's natural gas piping to your backyard or patio. The process is hassle-free for any natural gas home and takes only a few hours.

And if you don't have a natural gas barbecue already, visit your local major home improvement or department store or specialty store. There are many models and brands to choose from.

Which barbecue is for you?

When shopping for a natural gas barbecue, there are several things to consider.

Today's natural gas barbecues have great cooking power and an array of features that rival your kitchen's appliances. Side burners and flip-down tables allow you to prepare and cook a whole meal without making a trip back inside.

Cooking surfaces vary from model to model. Grills can either be porcelainized (cast iron or steel wire) or chrome-plated (steel wire). Porcelainized grills hold heat well, are durable and are easiest to clean. Cast iron surfaces seem to sear meat better.

So what size? Let the size of your family and the number of guests you regularly entertain guide your decision.


If you already have a propane barbecue you may be able to convert it to operate on natural gas. Most barbecue dealers will be able to advise you on the cost and suitability of conversion. Important: once the barbecue is converted to natural gas, it must not be operated on propane.


Natural gas barbecues come with a variety of features to make outdoor cooking a breeze:

- precise cooking - the burner controls allow precise cooking over infinite heat settings .

- immediate cooking with push button spark ignition .

- 30 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions with natural gas compared to propane .

- wide variety of exciting, contemporary designs and colours available


Shopping list

Refer to this quick list when shopping for a new natural gas barbecue. Look for:

-       good heating capacity

-       more burners for more control

-       ample grilling space

-       stainless steel, if possible (it's pricier, but long lasting and easy to clean and maintain)

-       reputable manufacturer .

-       good warranty


Building or renovating?

Ask your architect or building contractor to include natural gas pre-piping in the plans.


For more information

For further details about natural gas appliances, contact your local appliance retailer or gas contractor.

To get your home connected to natural gas, or to inquire about extending your natural gas piping, call Terasen Gas toll-free at: 1-888-224-2710