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Because I'm worth it

Blog by Ian Watt | February 18th, 2009

Vancouver Condo Real Estate Video Blog #249 - February 18, 2009

Because I'm worth it

Ian Watt video blogs about a client asking him why he charges a little more commission than most realtors in Downtown Vancouver. If you want to voice your opinion or if you don't care for Ian's comments please email your feedback to ianwatt@ianwatt.ca and visit http://www.ianwatt.ca/RealEstateVideos for all the Ian Watt Real estate Video Blogs.


Because I'm worth it from Ian Watt Vancouver Condo on Vimeo.

Ian Watt: Hi good afternoon! It’s Ian Watt in Downtown Vancouver. I got an email from a client today and actually I did a listing presentation on Saturday for her fantastic studio in the West End. And she emailed me and said she noticed that I charged a little bit more commission than the other realtors. And, well not to sound too pump or to sound like cosmetics company but the reason why I do that is because I'm worth it. I have a proven plan, I have had great sales this year. I think we're in our 7th week already and I have 8 firm sales which is pretty good in this market wherein there's only five or eight sales reported everyday in the Downtown core. So I think I have a, I think I'm worth the extra percent that I'm gonna charge. And don't be concern about what I'm going to be charging. Be more concern about what I can get for you. And you know what another thing is if I waffle on my commission right now. I'm probably gonna waffle in the negotiation on your property. So if I can hold firm on my commission which I think I'm entitled to. I'm gonna hold firm to getting you the best dollar possible for your property. My name is Ian watt. You can always email me at ianwatt@ianwatt.ca. Thank you very much and have a great day!