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Colin Perry a fantastic photographer up for the challenge

Blog by Ian Watt | September 11th, 2008

Vancouver Condo Real Estate Video Blog #135 - September 11, 2008

Colin Perry a fantastic photographer up for the challenge

Ian Watt video blogs about Colin Perry who is starting his own real estate video and photography business and his biggest challenge hasn't been a problem for Ian. If want to voice your opinion or if you don't care for Ian's comments please email your feedback to ianwatt@ianwatt.ca and visit http://www.ianwatt.ca/RealEstateVideos for all the Ian Watt Real Estate Video Blogs.


Ian Watt: Hi good afternoon! It’s Ian Watt heading over the Granville Bridge in Downtown Vancouver. I have to say I am very impressed with this guy. I'm a very loyal person and I've always used video open house for my photos because they do a fantastic job and probably will still keep using them. However, a friend of mine calling Perry has started up his own photo shop or I don't know on how you call it but videos and photos they do for this properties and I wanted to give him a chance. He asked if he can do some properties for me and I was actually blown away with how great he is. But the thing that is awesome about Colin is that he can't hear. He can't hear his heart of hearing we communicate via email, write things down or face to face and he is responsible but the thing I love about him. He's gonna be challenge, he has a great challenge but his talented, he's skillful and his photos honestly speaks for themselves. They are incredible. So if your looking for a new photographer. I'll probably keep using in both because I like them both and I really want to support Colin. But the thing is if your looking for somebody email me at  ianwatt@ianwatt.ca or follow the link below and give Colin a try he's fantastic. If you have any questions. You can always email me at ianwatt@ianwatt.caThank you very much and have a great day!