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IAN WATT Personal Real Estate Corporation

Blog by Ian Watt | January 13th, 2011

IAN WATT Personal Real Estate Corporation

Ian Watt - The Company

Ian Watt Corp (Ian Watt Personal Real Estate Corporation), company to IanWatt.ca and CondoGo.com, is a real estate practice like no other - imagine tech company meets marketing company meets real estate. As Ian Watt says "We are a marketing company that just happens to focus on Vancouver Condos. We don't sell condos and the reality is we can't sell condos, only condos sell condos. We are hired, whether its through CondoGo.com or IanWatt.ca, to expose the property and showcase its merits, celebrate the urban lifestyle, and facilitate the transaction."

Regardless of your condominium's value or your present economic situation, Ian Watt Corp has a level of service and a unique level of pricing that can accommodate your needs. Here is what you can expect from the two categories of services;

         IanWatt.ca - Premium service, premium systems, premium marketing and premium pricing.

         CondoGo.com - Great service, great systems, great marketing and great pricing.

With either level of service you choose, we have one goal and that is to expose your condo to more of the correct demographic of purchasers than any other realtor or real estate company in Vancouver, at a price that fits your budget. Furthermore, through our values, IanWatt.ca and CondoGo.com are becoming the number one real estate marketing option one Vancouver condo at a time. Our Values are;

         Service - Service to our clients above all else.

         Improvement - Continuous innovation, reinvention and improvement in ourselves and all we do.

         Fun - Work with passion and always have fun.

         Be the Best - Always be the best, always lead, and never follow the industry's bad habits or history. 

         Stay True - Stay true to our brands, our business, and our beliefs.

The purpose of our company to experience the challenge of building a company that transparently, innovatively, and powerfully markets Vancouver real estate beyond the industry standard. Moreover, we understand that profits are like oxygen to the body, its not the point of life but without oxygen (or profits) there is no life. Therefore, if we stay true to these values, a reasonable profit will follow and allow us to move forward, innovate and grow.

Illustrated through Our Vision of the future, we expect to change the real estate industry in Vancouver by 2015.

"Ian Watt Corp is a real estate practice like no other. Tech community meets real estate. The atmosphere is professional and casual. Systems and structure keep the business growing and the Non-Realtor stereotype keeps the environment honest and fresh. Technology and free factual information keeps the company transparent, authentic and honest. The marketing is cheeky and creative and completely opposite of what is traditional real estate. The team is a young vibrant group of 15 people at all levels - from the client concierges to the top negotiators and powerful tech crew. There is a spirit of we can break the system and we can destroy the old ways, old habits, and unethical ways of the industry we all know. The salaries (yes salaries not commissions) are attractive and above average but the holidays, profit sharing, healthcare benefits and cult like atmosphere are what makes the IanWatt.ca and CondoGo.com crews gel. Smart cars pepper the neighborhoods we service and we are the Must Have service of real estate. Unit sales are over 1000 per year with healthy annual revenues to survive any economic are saved for those rainy days. Our system is now celebrated amongst clients, the general public and media, for changing a broken industry and righting what is wrong. We have made the real estate industry something to be proud to be apart of and have made it a profession in the eyes of the general public."

Thank you for your interest in IanWatt.ca and CondoGo.com legally known as Ian Watt Personal Real Estate Corporation. For more information on anything not mentioned here,  please send a detailed request to ianwatt@ianwatt.ca.