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Is Vancouver's Real Estate Bubble Going To Burst ?

Blog by Ian Watt | February 25th, 2012

Vancouver Condo Real Estate Video Blog #707 - February 27,  2012


Is Vancouver's Real Estate Bubble Going To Burst ?


Ian Watt video blogs about how one video blog viewer recently wrote asking about what his thoughts of the Vancouver Real Estate Bubble and if the Vancouver Real Estate Bubble was Going To Burst ? If you want to voice your opinion or if you don't care for Ian's comments please email your feedback to ianwatt@ianwatt.ca and visit http://www.ianwatt.ca/RealEstateVideos for all the Ian Watt Real Estate Video Blogs. Please note that opinions, real estate practices, prices and data always changes over time, so please keep in mind the date when this video was published as the information could have become irrelevant over the past days, months and years. Copyright iWatt Media © All Rights Reserved 2012 http://www.Chapter12.ca/ .


Ian Watt: Hi good afternoon it’s Ian Watt in Downtown Vancouver. Get emails like this all the time I got one last week saying Ian do you think we’re in the bubble in Downtown Vancouver. Now it’s hard for me to answer that because I’m not an economist I don’t understand any of that. I am very uneducated when it comes to the economy and general. What I do know though is that I don’t like to do predictions on real estate. I am hired basically to market expose and facilitate a transaction. That’s pretty much it that’s all I’m hired for but hire to get the best dollar at the best price for the present market conditions no matter what’s going on. So I don’t really know the answer if were on the bubble or not. But I don’t think there’s anything that indicates our real estate can go up any higher and the next year or two. And probably if I were to bet if it will go up or down I probably say that it has better chances to going down than going up in the next year. Having said that I do own a few properties and I’m not selling them anytime soon. My plan is to hold them for the long term. My name is Ian Watt and if you have any questions you can always email me at ianwatt@ianwatt.ca. Thank you very much and have a great day!