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News Release: A Shift in Real Estate Marketing

Blog by Ian Watt | June 4th, 2007


New Shift in Real Estate Marketing

Niche websites, featuring building-specific information, change the act of “farming.”

(Vancouver, BC. June 4, 2007): On the internet, a new method of real estate marketing is appearing throughout the industry, causing a shift from the “push” of traditional area-farming practices, toward the “pull” of neighborhood and building-specific websites.

Ian Watt of the Urban Real Estate Team markets his business on eight different websites, including several that are specific to just one building or development in Downtown Vancouver. His latest, www.spectrumcondos.ca, already features many assignments, listings, rental info and activities in Concord Pacific’s “Spectrum” residential condo development, located at 600 Beatty Street. The building is still months from completion.
Watt has already proven this method to be very effective; one of the best examples is www.electricavenue.ca. “I started farming a building called Electric Avenue in Downtown Vancouver two years ago using a website, and developed a bit of a reputation as the local expert,” says Watt. “People would call to list their homes or ask for a current market price, but they would also contact me regarding finding a parking rental or even to rent out their units.” In response to these inquiries, Watt keeps each of his specialty sites up-to-date with current rental info, in addition to featuring the available listings.

It’s an effort that has paid off nicely. ”Two years later, our site is the authority on the building,” he notes. “In 2006 we had 11 ends in the Electric Avenue building, and we’re on pace to match that number in 2007.”

Not a bad return, considering the annual cost of hosting a website.

View each of The Urban Real Estate Team’s many niche websites: www.ianwatt.ca, www.woodwards-condos.com, www.electricavenue.ca, www.yaletownpark.ca, www.vancouver-penthouse.com, www.spectrumcondos.ca, www.vancouver-condo.ca, www.whistler-homes.com.

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