Once upon a time,
          selling real estate was all about exposure…

     …however, times have changed. Worldwide Exposure was a unique proposition 5 years ago but every property is exposed to every buyer around the world with the much improved Realtor.ca.

Don’t let your realtor fool you, flyers, emailing lists, bus benches, even social media advertising won’t sell your condo anymore. People are immune to the constant noise and manipulation. 

From a marketing point of view, it's all about the property’s positioning and narrative. Showcasing the condo in the right light and telling the right story to entice the serious and qualified buyers to go from voyeur to purchaser.

In addition to the power of Realtor.ca there are only 5 essential tools to showcase your condo to every device around the world. Everything else that sells your condo is the intangible your realtor brings to the table. It’s what separates the realtors who can sell in a tough market and those who can’t.

It's time to go back to the basics where your realtor makes the difference.


1. Photos

Ian Watt Marketing Page SothebysCom.jpg

2. Videos

Ian Watt Marketing 16 Wheel.jpg



3. Floor plans

Ian Watt Marketing Page Sothebys Cascading Wheel .jpg


4. Matterport

Ian Watt Marketing Page Elevator Advertising 2.jpg

5. Google Street View

Ian Watt Marketing Page Paid Adwords.jpg