Marketing is More than 20 Photos and an Open House,
with Ian Watt and Sotheby's it's Worldwide Exposure. 

In 1976, an exceptional real estate company was launched and created from the same passion that guides the renowned Sotheby's Auction House. Today, we are a commanding presence in the representation of the world's most luxurious properties and the Sotheby's brand artfully unites extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives throughout the world.

In January 2016, Ian Watt married his proven organic Vancouver Penthouse web-based marketing plan to the Sotheby's powerhouse, leveraging both brand marketing and property advertising to create endless opportunities and exposure for your luxury condo, townhouse, and penthouse.

While Ian Watt's marketing focus has always been web-based exposure of Yaletown and Downtown Vancouver's finest properties, the Sotheby’s global media plan is strategically designed to deliver a global impact while cross-promoting properties represented by our worldwide network. This plan includes significant, exclusive and first-to-market partnerships with an elevated focus on video integration, and editorial alignment.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Sotheby's Realty and Sotheby's Auction utilizes a combination of unique and exclusive marketing efforts that provide targeted exposure to a coveted and influenced audience. In the global markets we serve, this distinguishes our brand in an incomparable way.

Exclusive to the real estate services of Ian Watt, the following 20 powerful marketing means, are available only to those who value the Sotheby's brand, offering an unrivaled access to qualified buyers and distinct properties around the world. The plan to successfully market your home includes a combination of powerful interactive and direct mail efforts to generate additional consumer interest both locally and globally.



1. attracts more consumers to search, view and inquire than any other luxury real estate website in the world. Millions of views immerse themselves in our collection of millions of vibrant, quality-controlled property photographs. In one year, invites 10,000,000 unique visitors, 70,000,000 pages views, and 21,000,000 property detail views.

Ian Watt Marketing Page SothebysCom.jpg

2. Global Media Marketing   

Sotheby’s International Realty has partnered with, and distributes our properties to the most significant media companies and real estate-focused website in the world. Publications such as; Dwell, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Bloomberg, Hong Kong Tatler, South China Morning Post, Elle Decor, and The Financial Times. The Sotheby’s global media plan will generate 800 million impressions through these hand-selected media powerhouses. 

Ian Watt Marketing 16 Wheel.jpg



3. Cascading Website Platform  

Using the Sotheby's Cascading Websites program, our listings may also be found on our network of over 80 inter-connected, locally-focused, and globally-aware members' sites.  

Ian Watt Marketing Page Sothebys Cascading Wheel .jpg


4. The Elevator Pitch    

In order to increase exposure for your home and ultimately uncover the local right buyer, Ian Watt has partnered with IHN to showcase your condo to thousands of eyeballs a day, one elevator ride at a time.

Ian Watt Marketing Page Elevator Advertising 2.jpg

5. Search Engine Marketing 

When you perform a search on a search engine, the results are a combination of organic, or “natural results,” based on information the search engine sees on a website and “sponsored results,” or paid ads. The Ian Watt / Sotheby's strategy includes both. 

Ian Watt Marketing Page Paid Adwords.jpg

6. Targeted Social Media Advertising  

Ian Watt's independent media company, which produces and manages targeted social media campaigns for various realtor's throughout North America, will create a campaign for your listing which will immediately extend your property's marketing reach and exposure.

Targeted Social Media Advertising

7. eGallery  

Featured in our network offices and Sotheby's auction house locations, our eGallery provides the listings we represent with instantaneous global exposure via our exclusive real time property slide show. 

Ian Watt Marketing Page eGallery.jpg

8. Sotheby's Mobile Marketing 

SIR (Sotheby’s International Realty) Mobile is a luxury real estate mobile app that works anywhere plus searches and showcases your home globally in 61 countries. Locate your next home and learn about the local lifestyle amenities with our points-of-interest toolbar, showcasing local restaurants, golf courses, resorts and more. 

Ian Watt Marketing Page Sothebys Mobile.jpg  


9. Local Web Presence

With 99% of all Greater Vancouver searches starting online, if you don`t have an active website you might as well not have a phone. Even more important than having a website is having a solid web presence and with Ian Watt`s own personal network of websites our rankings are getting higher and higher. Take a moment to Google us – try "Vancouver Penthouse for Sale" and see how we do.

Collectively these sites achieve over 1.5 million page loads per year, which equals over 4000 page loads per day and nearing 200 page loads per hour. 

Ian Watt Marketing Page Vancouver Ian Watt.jpg

Ian Watt Marketing Page Vancouver Penthouse.jpg



10. Professional Photography

Professional Photographs - Real estate photos are worth more than a thousand words and making every pixel count is more important than ever. Ian Watt hires the most talented real estate photographers in Vancouver to capture all the best features and assets that your home has to offer.

Ian Watt Marketing Page Penthouse Photos.jpg

  Ian Watt Marketing Page Vancouver Penthouse Photos.jpg           


11. Custom Videos

Custom Videos - Ian Watt incorporates a professionally produced video, enhanced through the use of photography, graphics and music, all combined to showcase the beauty of your home. Our tours have been created to maximize the public visibility of listings by integrating into the MLS and RealtyLink websites, giving buyers the best opportunity to experience your home.

Ian Watt Marketing Page Video.jpg



12. Floor Plans

Floor Plans - Ian Watt's marketing package includes a professionally designed and measured floor plan. This not only refreshes the client’s memory of a previous viewing but allows them to conceptualize their occupancy of the proposed space. Attractive, easy to read, computer drawn floor plans are an effective way to assist in the sale of your property.

Ian Watt Marketing Page Floor Plan.jpg



13. Google Street View

Ian Watt's standard marketing package includes an automatic sync with Google Street View which allows buyers the ability to swivel 360 degrees even gives internet voyeurs the ability to take a virtual stroll of neighbourhoods. Another amazing tool to effectively market your home and further assist in the sale of your Vancouver Condo. Click here for an example Street View

Ian Watt Marketing Page Street View.jpg

14. Local Exposure with Direct Mail 

Marketing has become much more accessible due to the increase of online marketing. Many companies are making the complete shift towards internet marketing due to the high cost of printing and distribution. Ian Watt knows we must incorporate both online and print advertising to fully expose your Vancouver condo. Direct mail is felt, creating a physical bond with your property - something that e-mail is unable to do. 

Ian Watt Marketing Page Just Listed Erickson.jpg 


15. Sotheby's YouTube Channel     

The Sotheby’s YouTube channel strives to be the industry-leading video experience, highlighting the highest-quality videos from locations around the world. 

Sotheby’s International Realty YouTube channel stats: 

     • 10 million+ views 

     • 38,000+ subscribers 

     • 2,400 property and destination videos and counting 

     • 40,000 minutes of video watched every day (over 27 days’ worth) 

     • Over 115,000 “Likes,” shares, comments and favourites

Ian Watt Marketing YouTube Channel.jpg 

16. Vancouver Sun *    

The Vancouver Sun is a sophisticated and comprehensive daily report for opinion leaders and business decision-makers around the world. Its readers have levels of income and investments that can hardly be described as average. The Ian Watt / Sotheby’s exposure program includes full-colour full page in the Friday edition for select properties.
Ian Watt Marketing Page Sothebys Vancouver Sun.jpg


17. Sotheby's International Architecture & Design Magazine **  

International Architecture & Design is a stunning publication featuring the finest in contemporary architecture and interior design from across the globe. Published quarterly since 2008, IAD showcases exquisite luxury products, lavish interior design and captivating architectural feats. is the premier online destination for architecture, design, travel and home décor. 

Ian Watt Marketing Page AID Magazine.jpg


18. Sotheby's RESIDE Magazine **   

RESIDE magazine is the celebration of home, art and living. Each issue combines rich lifestyle editorial while showcasing extraordinary listings only represented by the Sotheby’s International Realty network. RESIDE is published as highly targeted regional editions, providing readers with exclusive relevant content, while allowing you to geographically target the advertising for your listing. 

Ian Watt Marketing Page Reside Magazine.jpg

19. Sotheby's Art & Home Magazine **   

Sotheby’s Magazine / Art & Home is the literary collaboration presented by the Sotheby’s International Realty brand and Sotheby’s. This stunning large format magazine enriches readers with sophisticated content related to the art and real estate worlds. Sotheby’s Magazine / Art & Home features editorial showcasing Sotheby’s International Realty Listings and also includes a regular property gallery providing advertising opportunities. This magazine publishes with two covers. Auction clients receive this content with the Sotheby’s Magazine cover, while Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates receive copies with the Art & Home cover for distribution in offices.

Ian Watt Marketing Page Art and Home Magazine.jpg


20. Sotheby's Preferred Magazine **   

Sotheby’s Preferred is sent to 12,000 of the highest-spending premier clients of Sotheby’s Auction internationally. The editorial showcases the most valuable property being sold on the international auction market and includes a gallery of exclusive Sotheby’s listings.

Ian Watt Marketing Preferred Magazine.jpg 

Selling your home is all about getting in front of the right pair of eyes. No other luxury realtor in Downtown Vancouver, with the support of Sotheby's global reach, can expose your condo to more people than Ian Watt. Please contact Ian Watt for a custom marketing plan containing some of these tools to showcase your property around the world.


  * Available to listings over $1,000,000
** Available to listings over $5,000,000